My name is Charlie.

Senior Art Director and UI / UX Designer

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I'm an Art Director and UI / UX Designer for web, interfaces, and applications.

I've spent ten years designing for clients all over the world. I prefer clean, sharp style with a focus on typography, usability, and structure. I serve as Senior Art Director at Precocity in Dallas, TX. Most of my work is confidential, enterprise-level software application design. I am also a partner at Faktory, a company that builds lean tools for manufacturing.

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My Skills

Art Direction

Leading all aspects of design with a common visual language.

UI / UX Design

Beautiful, best-practice design for real-world applications.

Interface Design

Interface design for iOS, devices, and custom applications.

Creative Strategy

Guiding creative projects from concept to launch.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out at anytime, and let's talk about what's next.