My name is Charlie.

Senior Art Director and UI / UX Designer

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I'm an Art Director and UI / UX Designer for web, interfaces, and applications.

I've spent ten years designing for clients all over the world. I prefer clean, sharp style with a focus on typography, usability, and structure. I serve as Senior Art Director at Design Centric in Dallas, TX. Most of my work is confidential, enterprise-level software application design. I am also a partner at Faktory, a company that builds lean tools for manufacturing.

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My Skills

Art Direction

Leading all aspects of design with a common visual language.

UI / UX Design

Beautiful, best-practice design for real-world applications.

Interface Design

Interface design for iOS, devices, and custom applications.


Crafting a brand identity and message from start to finish.

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Feel free to reach out at anytime, and let's talk about what's next.